Specialty coffee beans “Indonesia Sumatra”

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Arabica, Single origin
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Full body coffee with a sweet aroma of brown sugar. Caramelly flavours with hints of cinnamon and an aftertaste of lush red wine. Exclusive coffee reminiscent of the taste of hot wine.

In the Gayo Heights of the Aceh Region, located on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, small farmers are gathered in the Koptan Gayo Beseri Cooperative to grow specialty coffee. Its unique taste is determined by perfect climate, rich nature and, as Indonesians call GILING BASAH, way of coffee bean processing. This method does not completely dry the beans after fermentation and rinsing. Still damp beans (retaining 25-30% moisture) enter a special peeling machine before the drying process is continued. As a result, the acidity of coffee is greatly reduced and the flavour gets more intensive – this way coffee beans acquire the flavour of true Indonesian coffee.

Due to the exceptional quality and taste, this coffee is marked as Specialty. According to the SCAA it scores 84 out of 100.

COUNTRY: Indonesia
REGION: Sumatra, Aceh, Gayo
FARM: Koptan Gayo Beseri
ALTITUDE: 1450-1700 m
VARIETY: Tim tim, Ateng
PROCESS: Giling Basah
TASTE PALATE: Red Wine, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon