Coffee beans Lincoln Coffee House “Work Blend Washed & Natural”

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Brazil, Ruanda
Arabica, Mixture
Roast Level

Taste notes

Dark Chocolate
Tropical fruit

About product

The Work Blend is roasted longer & darker than Lincoln Coffee House other coffees, which allows for a contemporary take on an Italian style espresso blend. Lincoln Coffee House has kept the coffee with a dominant tropical fruit and boozy mouthfeel finishing with a mild dark chocolate finish. When added with milk the coffee cuts through and brings a mildly fruity, dark chocolate and robust taste.

Origin: Brazil and Rwanda
Variety: Mixed
Cup Score: 85
Coffee kind: 80% Arabica 20% Robusta
Altitude: 1100-800m
Process: Washed & Natural
Roasting level: Dark
Taste notes: Boozy, tropical liquor & dark chocolate