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Once upon a time… Hey, stop. It’s not a fairytale. It’s a true story. And it began more than 10 years ago. Two young and ambitious friends Aurimas & Vytautas grew up and tasted mysterious black coffee that they weren’t supposed to drink at a young age. And fell in love with it. Then they knew nothing about coffee. So they opened a small company right in the attic of their house and started working. Friends wanted to share discovered coffee tastes with the world. And here the real coffee story continues – welcome to the Coffee Friend Club.

Two friends tasted many coffees and picked the best ones for your subscription. So you don’t need to try all the coffee – Vytautas & Aurimas did that. Just pick the right one for you.

Some of our founders favorite coffee handpicked for you

Tried and trusted by our coffee friends

10000+ kg
of coffee delivered to our fellow coffee lovers every month.
cups of carefully selected coffee enjoyed by our customers every day.
years of experience taking our coffee friends on a journey full of flavour.

Start your journey into the world of coffee now.

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